Aquabox – Latest responses to Ukraine

In total 720 family filters and 32 community filters have been sent to the Rotary Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Hub in Lviv for onward distribution across the country.

Shipment to Ukraine RC Potsdam from Newsletter Feb 23

These latest aid consignments have been significantly funded by three Rotary clubs in Germany: RC Stade, RC Stade Elbmarschen and RC Potsdam. Sabine Yang- Schmidt, an Aquabox Ambassador and member of the RC Potsdam, visited Lviv in November and met with the leader of the WASH group, Borys Bodnar. She reviewed the whole operation and provided very positive feedback on the efficiency and speed with which they are distributing aid. On January 31, she reported back to us:

Last week, I received compliments for the quality of Aquabox filters, and a call for more from Kherson. A team of Rotarians from Ukraine visited Kherson and heard of the filter project, then shared this with me. Just today, I received another call from the area of Kyiv with a similar story: families have heard of how useful Aquabox filters are, and ask for additional material. I take this as a positive sign that our project is achieving exactly what we planned.

Community filter in use at a church in Ukraine from Newsletter Feb 23

Since the Russian invasion began, Aquabox has sent almost 1,400 family filters and 70 community filters to Ukraine. Altogether, these filters have the capacity to provide water for 50,000 people.

Each family filter can meet the water requirements for 10 to12 people. The community filters are intended for use in schools, hospitals, clinics and community centres and are able to meet the water needs of 400 – 500 people.

As the conflict continues we have plans to send further consignments to Ukraine during 2023.

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