Aquabox – Turkey/Syria earthquake situation update

AquaBox Filters 08 Feb 2022

First responders in Turkey have stated that there is an acute need for: winterization materials, debris removal equipment, medical aid, search and rescue volunteers, temporary shelter, food items, and WASH.

First responders in Syria have stated that there is an acute need for: search and rescue volunteers, fuel, winterization items, and water supplies. A preliminary needs list for NFIs, food, WASH supplies, medicines, and medical items was also published by the Turkish authorities and can be found on the government website and in IMPACCT working group guidance. This needs list is actively informing Airlink’s response priorities.

We are continuing to work with our trusted partner in the region Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HIHAD) to establish a secure supply route, we have also been in contact with additional partners including FireAid and Rotary Disaster response teams in order to reach as many people as possible

The Aquabox filter assembly teams are working hard and we will have an initial consignment of 24 Aqua 12’s (288 Family filters) and 20 community filters ready for dispatch by the 17th February 2023.

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