Working together to save lives

Aquabox in YemenAquabox is a volunteer-led charity and community project, based near Matlock, Derbyshire and operating worldwide, which provides safe drinking water (using filtration units) and humanitarian aid to crisis zones around the world.

Worldwide, there are 800 million people who don’t have access to safe drinking water. Infrastructure projects provide long-term solutions but don’t provide disaster relief, and often don’t go into conflict zones. That’s where Aquabox comes in – we’re first responders, aiming to get water filters to disaster zones as quickly as possible.

Since its formation in 1992, Aquabox has distributed more than 115,000 boxes of filters and aid to countries suffering from natural and man-made disasters, helping hundreds of thousands of people in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

We rely entirely on donations and the fundraising activities of our supporters to fund our work and purchase the items which we supply in the aid boxes. We are run entirely by volunteers (apart from an administrator who works 20 hours per week).

We want to grow our capacity and save more lives by expanding our volunteer base, investing in training, recruiting across the age spectrum and increasing our ability to respond even more quickly when disaster strikes. In times of need we deliver easy to use, rapidly deployed water filters which can provide clean water when local infrastructure fails. The demand for our service is expected to grow as the number of extreme weather events increases.

reducing child illness GambiaWe are a non-political charity and our focus is solely on providing clean water where there is none. To minimise our delivery costs we work, wherever possible, with existing charitable supply chains and regional aid agencies to rapidly deliver our Aquaboxes to the point of need.

As part of our aim to help as many people as possible, we are seeking to develop Partnerships with regional businesses to deliver our programme of volunteer action in support of communities affected by disaster.

In summary, we are a volunteer-led charitable business which saves lives.

Partnering opportunities

We need your help.

We wish to create long-term relationships with Companies who have the same values as ourselves and at the same time we can help you deliver against your community and social responsibility aims.

In a highly competitive business environment, where customers and shareholders are increasingly scrutinising the CSR performance of businesses, we can work with you to shape our partnership to deliver your CSR aims while saving more lives. Our work attracts positive media stories and is widely respected.

Our Partners benefit from a tailored plan of activities and publicity / promotional opportunities including:

  • Sponsor a box, boxes or shipment of filters with your Company logos on Aquaboxes.
  • Your Company logo on the Aquabox website with a link to your website.
  • Your Company logo on the Aquabox Newsletter / PR material etc.
  • Permission to use Aquabox logo on your website.
  • Acknowledgement and publicity on the Aquabox Supporters Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • We can provide PR/press release copy and images of shipments being prepared, in transit and (hopefully) in use.
  • Case study prepared.
  • Invitation to visit the Aquabox depot.
  • Provide volunteering projects as development activities for your staff.
  • Provide volunteering and team-working days for your staff, your customers and your suppliers. We can also arrange friends and family volunteering experiences.
  • An annual programme of water themed challenges to develop employee engagement.
  • We can provide speakers at your Board Meetings or Corporate Events.

aqua12 boxesWe have a strong track record, have been saving lives for nearly 30 years and with low overheads. As a volunteer-led organisation, most of our income is spent directly on materials and the Aquaboxes shipped around the world in response to disasters.

You can be confident your support will make a difference.

If your company would like to Partner with Aquabox as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme by providing support, adopting us as your charity, undertaking a fund raising event, or if you feel that your staff would benefit from visiting our depot or taking part in one of our team challenges, then please contact Kevin Barclay: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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