Aquabox AmbassadorWe are always very keen to extend our activities and reach by connecting with more people and organisations across the country to build up our wonderful band of enthusiastic supporters and spread the word about what we do. 

To achieve this goal we have developed a network of Rotary Ambassadors across the UK and abroad to help Aquabox and spread the word about what we do. Through the Ambassadors network we have been able to:

  • Publicise the Aquabox project and its campaigns as widely as possible 
  • Have knowledgeable Aquabox supporters available locally,  who are able to give talks to clubs and other community groups in the area
  • Ensure Aquabox has a presence at Rotary and Inner Wheel district conferences
  • Encourage and coordinate fundraising initiatives within the area     

This scheme has proved to be a great success and we are keen to extend the network to parts of the country where we do not as yet have coverage. We have Ambassadors in place in Scotland, Lancashire and Cumbria, Yorkshire, Birmingham and the Midlands, and the Thames Valley, and are looking for more to join us. 

The Ambassadors are given a comprehensive introduction to Aquabox, its history, operations and recent campaigns. They are also provided with their own Aquabox demonstration unit, along with promotional material, table displays etc, as well as being given presentation material and support when meeting new groups or giving talks. 

If you’re a member of a Rotary or Inner Wheel Club and want to help Aquabox, why not become an Aquabox Ambassador?

It’s is a great way to support the charity and the life-saving work that we do and. If you are interested in being considered for such a role in your district or area, please contact us and one of our Trustees will be in touch.


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