Aquabox is a volunteer-led charity and community project, based near Matlock, Derbyshire and operating worldwide, which provides safe drinking water (using filtration units) and humanitarian aid to crisis zones around the world. We rely entirely on donations and the fundraising activities of our supporters to fund our work and purchase the items which we supply in the aid boxes. We are run entirely by volunteers (apart from an administrator who works 20 hours per week).

Aquabox Champion photo1We want to grow our capacity and save more lives by connecting with more people and organisations across the country to build up our wonderful band of enthusiastic supporters and spread the word about what we do.

To achieve this goal, we are developing a network of Aquabox Champions, by recruiting individual Aquabox supporters in commerce and industry who can spread the word about what we do and (with our assistance) are prepared to develop relationships with potential corporate partners.

Through this network we aim to:

  • Publicise the Aquabox project and its campaigns as widely as possible.
  • Have knowledgeable Aquabox supporters available locally, who are able to give talks to companies, clubs and other community groups in the area.
  • Encourage and coordinate fundraising initiatives within the area. 
  • Ultimately develop relationships with like-minded companies who go on to become corporate partners.

On becoming an Aquabox Champion you will receive the following:

  • A comprehensive introduction to Aquabox, its history, operations and recent campaigns.
  • Your own Aquabox demonstration unit, along with promotional material, table displays, etc. 
  • Presentation material and support when meeting new groups or giving talks.
  • Our regular e-mail newsletter.
  • In invitation to the annual Aquabox Conference where you can meet the trustees and other champions.

Aquabox Champion photo2If you work for a company, have your own business or belong to a church or other community organisation, and want to help Aquabox, why not become an Aquabox Champion? It’s is a great way to support the charity and the life-saving work that we do.

If you are interested in becoming an Aquabox Champion in your area, then please contact Kevin Barclay: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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