Over the past few years Aquabox has been working with a number of companies and other businesses whose employees have been inspired by the work that we undertake in support of those communities afflicted by natural or man-made disasters.
Here are a few examples of different ways in which companies have partnered with Aquabox.

Hydro-X supports Aquabox to help us make a difference

hydroxSince 2016 Aquabox has been most generously supported by Hydro-X, a water treatment company based in South Yorkshire. Hydro-X were inspired by the clear synergies between their own activities and the AquaFilter technology and the work that we are doing to provide safe drinking water to those in greatest need.

To enable us to extend this work, Hydro-X adopted Aquabox as its company charity and through the provision of regular donations they have covered a significant proportion of the charity's overheads. We are extremely grateful to everyone at Hydro-X for all the support they have given us. 

If you would like to find out more about Hydro-X and the work they do, please visit their website. You can also read an article about Aquabox and view a short video which Hydro-X funded on their website here.

Advance International organises sponsored cycle ride in aid of Aquabox

advanceIn the summer of 2016 a team of intrepid cyclists from the Derbyshire-based lighting company Advance International approached us with an offer to compete in the Lyon to Monaco cycling challenge in aid of Aquabox. Advance develop cutting edge lighting solutions and they were inspired by the Aquabox community project and, in particular our recent introduction of a solar lamp as an item of humanitarian aid within the Aquabox aid box.

The ride followed a challenging route through mountains and deep valleys but the team were up to the challenges and, despite having to overcome sweltering temperatures, all of the team completed the challenge raising £10,000 for Aquabox. A big thank you to all at Advance International and their brave cyclists for taking on this challenge for such a great cause.

UPS staff undertake Aquabox packing challenge!

upsOur most recent corporate venture has been with United Parcel Service (UPS) who approached us following a visit by one of their managers to the depot. The manager, Claire, was very impressed by the skills of of our volunteer packers, who turn up each week to pack all the items of humanitarian aid we put into the big blue Aquabox, and having had a go at packing a box herself, she felt that holding a box packing challenge would be an ideal team building event as part of a UPS management conference.

To make this happen, we transported a mobile packing station to the UPS Alfreton depot and, under the watchful eyes of our packing experts, the UPS team packed nearly 40 boxes against the clock.  Some of these boxes were destined for Northern Uganda, providing aid in the refugee camps to those fleeing from the devastating drought and famine in South Sudan.

Going forward we are also looking to extend the packing challenge to include a water challenge in order to illustrate the frustrations and problems which communities without safe, piped, potable water can face whilst trying to lead their lives, and the life giving value that the supply of an AquaFilter can bring to these communities.


If your company would like to partner with Aquabox as part of its corporate social responsibility programme by undertaking a fund raising event, providing support and/or adopting us as your charity, or if you feel that your teams would benefit from participating in one of our challenges, then please contact us.



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