Our Aid Boxes

The Aqua-aid box: making life easier for people who have lost everything.

Since its formation in 1992, Aquabox has distributed more than 125,000 Aqua-aid humanitarian aid boxes to countries around the world suffering from natural or man-made disasters, helping hundreds of thousands of people in times of crisis.

Each Aqua-aid box contains a family filter, plus a range of items carefully selected to make life easier for people living in extreme deprivation: tools, lighting, survival aids, cooking equipment, eating and drinking, educational aids and hygiene provisions. This is not a random selection: we liaise regularly with our partners ‘on the ground’ in refugee camps and disaster areas, and the items that go in the Aqua-aid box are the things they tell us are most needed.

Lots of aquaboxes being registered and checked

Because we have to be confident that our aid items are sourced from factories which don’t involve child labour, slave labour or money laundering, the goods in the Aqua-aid boxes are purchased only from suppliers who can demonstrate ethical employment and management policies. Wherever possible we purchase goods in bulk, direct from the producer, to ensure that we buy on the best possible terms; and because the Aqua-aid boxes are packed entirely by unpaid volunteer teams, there is no additional labour cost involved. Nevertheless, each Aqua-aid box represents a cost to us of £150 at 2023 prices, and like everyone else we face rising prices across the board.

Aquabox Gold box Aug 23

To keep the contents of the Aqua-aid box safe during transit, we use old towels as packing materials, and donations of clean used towels are always welcome.

What’s in the box?

Recommended Packing List

Essential Items
  • Bucket x 2
  • Cooking Pot x 1
  • Liner Bag x 1
  • Survival Bag x 1
  • Tarpaulin x 2
Hygiene Items
  • Carbolic Soap (pack of 2) x 2
General Items
  • Ball of String x 1
  • Solar Lamp x 1
  • Wind up Torch x 1
  • Towel/Blanket x 2
Filter Items
  • Aquabox Family Filter x 1
Children’s Items
  • Ponchos x 2
  • Paper A4 Pad x 1
  • Pencils x 10
  • Small Ball x 1
Shelter Items
  • Bungees x 1
  • Clothes Line x 1
  • Folding Knife x 1
  • Folding Pick Axe/Shovel x 1
  • Hammer x 1
  • Pack of Nails x 1
  • Pliers x 1
  • Saw x 1
  • Scissors x 1
Kitchen Items
  • Bamboo Bowls x 5
  • Bamboo Cooking Spoon x 1
  • Bamboo Cups x 5
  • Bamboo Plates x 5
  • Spoon/Fork Combined x 5
Miscellaneous Items
  • Box and Lid x 1

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