Since its formation in 1992, Aquabox has distributed more than 110,000 humanitarian aid boxes to countries around the world suffering from natural or man-made disasters, helping hundreds of thousands of people in times of crisis.

Each box is designed for a family and contains over 70 humanitarian aid items in addition to an AquaFilter Family unit for providing safe drinking water, including:

• Shelter Materials & Tools
• Blankets and sheets
• Cooking Utensils
• Personal Hygiene Items
• Baby & Children’s Clothing
• Educational Items
• Children’s Toys

The boxes are packed by the volunteer Aquabox teams and filled with specially selected humanitarian goods to meet the basic needs of the recipients. Many of these items, such as the tools, cooking utensils and educational items, are purchased from carefully chosen suppliers. By centrally purchasing the goods on a wholesale basis, we are able to provide a very cost-effective and standardised humanitarian aid product.

Some items which go in the aid boxes, such as blankets, sheets, pillowcases, towels, baby and small children’s clothes, are kindly donated by the our many supporters. If you would like to find out more about how you can help by donating items please contact us.

Click here to download the Aquabox Packing List and see exactly what goes in each box.

Why Not Sponsor An Aquabox?

Each Aquabox, filled with all the humanitarian aid items described above and a water filter, costs Aquabox £150. If you would like to sponsor one or more Aquaboxes, please visit the Donate pages. You can be sure that the money you donate goes directly to funding the aid we send and that our aid boxes are delivered to the people most in need by our trusted partners and aid agencies.




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