Aquabox works closely with a small number of trusted partners who distribute our humanitarian aid to the communities and families most in need of help at times of crisis. Ensuring that our aid reaches the people in need as quickly as possible is critical.

To this end the Aquabox Trustees exercise careful due diligence in choosing partners and aid agencies who are highly respected and experienced in getting aid into regions and countries where the infrastructure may have been severely damaged or destroyed by natural disasters or human conflict and the political or economic situation may be very unstable.

A selection of the partners Aquabox works with is shown below.

CART (Christian African Relief Trust)


CART ensures that goods and other aid resources are distributed amongst the most needy and poor in many African countries, regardless of faith, social status, gender or ethnicity by local organisers of proven ability and trust.

Most of the villages in the areas where CART provides relief aid have no fresh running water. The people get water from rivers, pools and open wells which is not safe to drink. As a result many die of water borne diseases, such as cholera or typhoid. That is why our AquaFilters are so valued by the organisation and the communities it serves.

Like Aquabox, CART is embedded in its own local community in West Yorkshire and its volunteers, trustees and supporters are drawn from clubs, congregations and other associations from across the Yorkshire region.

For more information on CART, visit their website:


 Hand in Hand for Syria


Hand in Hand for Syria is a UK registered charity which was set up soon after the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011. Established by a group of British-Syrians, the charity has grown to become a leading humanitarian force inside the country. An extensive network of staff living on the ground in Syria means they are able to work in some of the hardest-hit and most-difficult to reach areas.

Hand in Hand for Syria provides life-saving humanitarian aid as well as work on establishing long-term projects to help rebuild the country. The crisis in Syria has led to catastrophic destruction of the country’s infrastructure - not just medical and educational, but economical too. The charity wants to provide Syrian communities with the dignity of being able to rebuild their own lives and works closely with civilians to improve their quality of living, help equip them with skills, create opportunities and direct them towards sustainable livelihoods. That means access to clean water, food and healthcare, as well as the opportunity to earn a living again.

For more information on Hand in Hand for Syria, visit their website:


Humanity First

humanity first

Humanity First is an international humanitarian relief organisation, with registered offices in 43 countries, which provides aid and assistance to those in need irrespective of race, religion or politics and has been working on human development projects and responding to disasters since 1995.

Humanity First undertakes emergency relief operations to those affected by natural disasters around the world, providing medical assistance, shelter, water, food, clothing and sanitation to affected communities.

Aquabox has worked specifically with Humanity First Canada for a number of years to deliver our aid boxes and water filters in response to a number of natural disasters, including the earthquakes in Haiti and drought and famine in East Africa.

For more information on Humanity First Canada, visit their website:


Muslim Aid

muslim aid

Muslim Aid is an international relief and development agency working in over 70 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe. Its mission is to tackle poverty by developing innovative and sustainable solutions enabling communities to live in dignity and independence.

Muslim Aid is striving to help the poor overcome the suffering endured due to natural disasters and human conflict and the lack of life's basic necessities and works to help all, regardless of race, religion or gender.

While responding to emergencies are major priorities, Muslim Aid also works on strategic programmes to eliminate poverty which focus on education, skills training, provision of clean water, healthcare and income generation projects. These projects ensure individuals have access to basic necessities and gain the skills necessary to generate an income and live independently.

For more information on Muslim Aid, visit their website:


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