Whenever a disaster strikes, whether it is natural or man-made, there is always an urgent need to provide safe drinking water to those affected. Water supplies are typically severely affected in the aftermath of a disaster. Water pipes may be destroyed or the water supply will be contaminated with water from sewage and drains.

In these circumstances people have no choice but to collect water from available local sources, such as streams, rivers and wells. Such water is often contaminated and unsafe to drink. Water-borne diseases such as cholera will spread rapidly and will affect particularly the more vulnerable young and older members of a community.

So how does Aquabox meet the challenge of providing safe drinking water in times of crisis?

Research in the field has identified two requirements: a water supply for schools, medical clinics, and other community centres; and a water supply for family groups of about five individuals.

Our innovative AquaFilter technology produces safe and clean drinking water instantly and reliably without the need for chemicals. The AquaFilter Family and Community units are based on sub-micron filters which are impenetrable to bacteria and most viruses.

The Aquafilter Family and Community units were developed by the Safe Water Trust and the Family units are assembled under license by Aquabox.

AquaFilter Family Unit

family water filterDesigned for use by individuals or a family, the AquaFilter Family unit can deliver 1 litre per minute and half a million litres of clean drinking water over its working life. The AquaFilter Family unit is fastened to a container of water, such as the Aquabox or a bucket, and using a simple hand pump safe drinking water is dispensed to a cup.


AquaFilter Community Unit

community water filterDesigned for use in community amenities the AquaFilter Community unit can deliver 6 litres per minute and over 1 million litres of clean drinking water over its working life.

Note: the AquaFilter Family and AquaFilter Community units remove biological contaminants, commonly found in water from ponds, streams, or shallow wells. They do not remove dissolved substances such as salt, or arsenic, typically occurring in deep wells.

Aqua12s – 12 AquaFilter Family Units in a box

aqua12 boxesWe continuously strive to meet the requirements of people in differing circumstances and look at how we can change our response accordingly. In some cases there is a pressing need to provide families with safe drinking water, but less of a necessity for the other humanitarian aid items which we include in our aid boxes. To fulfill this aim we are now shipping our AquaFilter Family Unit in boxes of 12, known as Aqua12s.



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