Aquabox sent 100 aid boxes in 2016 to the Tamil Nadu region of southern India following the severe flooding there. Through our aid agency in India we received feedback from families affected by the flooding, including this very moving account from one lady.

“My name is Santhi and I live in the area affected by flooding in Chennai. We have no house of our own and there is no permanent job for us so we are not able to rent a home for me, my husband and our three children. We were living in a small hut of woven coconut leaves which was next to the river. Suddenly there was heavy, heavy rain in our part of the city. Our little hut was washed away. We are alive but all our household things, our few possessions were swept away. Not just our family but thousands of people standing like us without anything but the clothes they were in. We have no shelter, no bed-sheets or mattress, no cooking pots – nothing. We took to resting in bus stands, railway station or schools... wherever we could stay.

People from the CMF Trust in Pollachi came to us and gave us an Aquabox with household things in. We are so thankful. The box will give us pure water for my family to drink. About 100 people got gifted a water box and more useful things like cooking pots and dresses for our children. There was a plastic sheet in the box to use as a mattress on the floor. Your timely help helps save our lives thank you from our hearts.”


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