20,000 Family Filters and counting…

28th May 2019

We have just reached a fantastic milestone! Our filter assemblers have produced the 20,000th Family Filter – a remarkable achievement. To put this into context, these filters will have had the potential to save well in excess of 120,000 lives, providing clean drinking water and preventing the spread of water-borne diseases.

20000th Family Filter

We started assembling the 44 parts which make up the current model of the Family Filter back in 2011, and the first 10 we made went to The Gambia and are still working today!

A single filter can deliver 1 litre of water a minute and is designed for use by a family unit or individuals. Each Aquabox we send out includes a Family Filter, along with many other humanitarian aid items.

We also ship boxes of 12 Family Filters (known as Aqua12s) in situations where the urgent primary need is for clean drinking water.

The picture shows one of our filter assembly teams proudly holding the 20,000th filter.

The Aquafilter Family and Community units were developed by the Safe Water Trust and the Family units are assembled under license by Aquabox.