Aquabox Challenge and Badge

The challenge is to raise awareness of the amazing humanitarian aid
work that Aquabox does to save lives around the world in times of crisis.
The Aquabox Challenge is designed to be a fun, simple and an adaptable way to inform youth about Aquabox. It is also suitable for individuals and groups of all ages ranging from 4 years to 100 years!
By completing the Aquabox Challenge and donating for the Badges, you will be WORKING TOGETHER TO SAVE LIVES.

What is the Aquabox Challenge and Badge?

There is a basic set of challenges, and you can select those which are suitable for your age range. The pack includes everything you need.

Also included are details of where the challenge fits into the scouting and girlguiding programs.

Who can take part?

Anyone who would like to have some fun and save lives at the same time.

First developed for youth groups, it is now being used by Guiding, Scouting and is also suitable for schools. Some Rotary International clubs have youth programmes, for example Rotaract, Interact, RotaKids and Rotary Star awards for which the Aquabox Challenge could be used.

Just choose or decide together, which questions suit your age range and what fun and thought-provoking activities to do. Have fun and then donate for your badges and you WILL have WORKED TOGETHER TO SAVE LIVES.

Sylvia and Ray Spare, Aquabox Ambassadors, launched the Aquabox Challenge and Badge in girlguiding Leicestershire in 2022 where it has been a big success. Because of this we would like to give other counties and groups the opportunity to do the challenge.

The Aquabox Challenge is in three parts. The pack will be emailed out free and contains everything you need to know for the challenge.

  1. The details of how to achieve the challenge and order badges.
  2. Fun activities and games.
  3. A presentation about Aquabox, achieving ‘clean water in a crisis.’

To help us save lives please donate for your badges a minimum of £1 per badge, plus any postage, and you can order as many as needed for your group.

Fundraising is optional, every pound counts when saving lives, one Aquabox water filter costs £35.00.

Here is a small sample of the fun activities from the pack.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about the Aquabox Challenge and Badge.

Contact our Aquabox Ambassadors Ray & Sylvia Spare (DBS & Child Protection held).

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