500 Aquaboxes sent to Bangladesh to help Rohingya refugee crisis

27th October 2017

Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh

500 Aquaboxes were loaded onto a 40 foot container at the Aquabox depot on Friday 27th October to be shipped to Bangladesh to provide much-needed aid in support of the Rohingya refugee crisis. Our Rotary friends in Bangladesh will be assisting in the distribution of the boxes to the refugee camps.

Almost 600,000 Rohingya refugees have crossed into Bangladesh since August, fleeing the violence in neighbouring Myanmar. With thousands still crossing the border each day, the total number of Rohingya refugees is expected to exceed 1 million in the coming weeks.

They have arrived exhausted, hungry and sick after walking for days from their villages through jungles, across mountains and rivers, carrying what little they could bring from home.

There is an urgent need for emergency relief items as more refugees arrive. Access to clean safe drinking water is also urgently required to prevent the risk of disease spreading.

Each Aquabox is designed for a family and contains over 70 humanitarian aid items, including shelter materials and tools, sheets and blankets, cooking utensils, personal hygiene items, baby and children’s clothing, educational items and children’s toys, in addition to an AquaFilter Family unit for providing safe drinking water.

A big thank you to all those who have supported us over recent weeks to make this shipment possible. Without the generosity of our supporters we would not be able to continue this work.

Please help us to help those in need.