After lockdown at HqO – the home of Aquabox

28th August 2021

Our volunteers have been busy at our depot following easing of lockdown. In just 2 months since we have been able to resume operations, Aquabox has shipped out the following aid packages:

Senegal – 36 family filters and 5 community filters have been shipped to our partner Rotary Club in Stade, north Germany. Stade have a long-standing relationship with the Senegal Children’s Home charity and will manage the onward shipment of the filters on our behalf. Total number of people this can help – 2000+

Nepal – 196 gold boxes and 8 family filters left our depot in mid-July, destined for the British Gurkha Regiment who ship the aid out to our depot in Kathmandu. We hold a contingency stock here to allow rapid response to the frequent earthquakes and landslips that beset this part of the world. Total number of people this can help – 3000+

Gaza – 200 gold boxes left our depot on 24th August destined to our partners Hand in Hand for Aid and Development who are based in Birmingham. They will manage the onward transport to refugees in Gaza. Total number of people this can help – 1000+

Yemen – we have almost completed packing 200 gold boxes, our 6th consignment to Yemen. These are destined to our partner agency, Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY), who will manage the onward shipment to Yemen. Total number of people this can help – 1000+

Haiti – finally we are planning to ship 12 Community filters (plus a supply of family filters – to be confirmed). Our stock is ready for despatch; however we need to ensure proper distribution. Total number of people this could help – 6000+

In summary, our aid for the past 2 months or so, including Haiti, has the capacity to help around 13 000 people coping with very challenging circumstances. The total cost of this aid (excluding freight) is approximately £100 000. That’s around £8 for each life we support.

We can’t do any of this without support from our donors. If you want to help us continue our life-saving and life-improving work, you can donate via our website.