Aquabox aid reaches The Bahamas

27th September 2019

With so much destruction on the Bahamian islands, including airports out of action and lines of communications down, airfreighting Aquaboxes directly into The Bahamas was proving to be very difficult.

Aquabox are very pleased that, by using our network of contacts across The Bahamas, we have been able to work with a local company, PharmaChem Technologies GB Ltd, to ensure that the Aquafilters will be securely distributed to communities in the aftermath of such a devastating natural event.

We have received this fabulous video from Randy Thompson, CEO of PharmaChem Technologies in Freeport, Grand Bahama, who agreed to take delivery of the consignment, consisting of 30 Aqua12s and 10 Community Filters, and to arrange distribution using their employees and volunteers. Instructions on how to operate and maintain the filters have been supplied to ensure correct usage and provide long term life to the filters. Rotary Clubs in Freeport will also be involved in the distribution of our aid.

Thank you to all who have generously given to make this possible.