Aquabox dispatches in the last two months

9th April 2021

It has certainly not been quiet at our depot over the past 2 months. Despite the Covid restrictions and lockdown we continue to send our aid out across the world to communties in need of help.

Aquabox in Yemen 3On March 9th we sent out 144 Family filters to Belize, a country which suffers badly from flooding in the hurricane season due to the run-off from neighbouring Guatemala. The shipment went out by sea and we understand it will soon arrive at its destination. This shipment represents a first attempt to provide support in Belize and has been made possible by the partnership between Aquabox and the Rotary Clubs of Liberty (New York State) and Belize City.

Then on March 13th our second shipment of filters (144 family filters and 8 Community filters) left our depot for Beirut and other parts of Lebanon. Although the dock explosion has dropped out of the headlines, there is still a need for safe water.

Finally on April 8th, our fifth shipment to Yemen left ‘HqO’. This time we sent 200 Aquabox Gold boxes as part of a combined aid package with Water Survival Box and Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY). A great example of partnership between Aquabox and other charities who share our humanitarian aims and principles of service.