Aquabox helps families rebuild their lives in Syria and Turkey

More than six months after the powerful earthquake which hit the provinces on either side of the Syria/Turkey border, there are still many families who are without adequate shelter or safe water supplies, and are unable to return to their homes.

Following a visit to the region by one of our ambassadors in August, and subsequent discussions with our partner in the region, Hand In Hand for Aid and Development (HIHAD), it became clear that despite the media coverage having moved on, there was still a dire need for humanitarian aid to help these communities rebuild their lives. And the need was emphasised by the impending harsh Balkan winter weather.

Teaming up with Water Survival Box, a partner charity which also provides humanitarian aid in the aftermath of disasters, Aquabox prepared a large joint consignment of aid which left the Aquabox depot in early October. Our water filters and Gold boxes are being transported to the disaster zone, and will be distributed by HIHAD volunteers to impacted communities in Syria and Turkey – before the winter weather takes hold.

Aquabox and Water Survival Box would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts to help people in this continuing disaster. We couldn’t do it without you.