Aquabox in Nepal

15th March 2021

Mention the word Nepal, and most people immediately think of Mount Everest. Nepal is in fact one of the most mountainous countries on the planet: eight of the world’s 10 highest mountains are within its borders. 

Aquabox in Nepal 5But the tectonic plate movement that created these massive mountains also makes Nepal a seriously dangerous place to live and creates a constant need for aid from Aquabox. Earth tremors are a frequent occurrence, and the country is subject to regular landslides, earthquakes and flooding. They can be catastrophic: the April 2015 earthquake, the worst in recent years, killed almost 9,000 people and injured another 22,000.

Every year without fail, natural disasters account for serious loss of life and destruction of homes, roads, and community facilities like hospitals and schools. In addition each year’s monsoon season results in severe flooding and landslides, causing death and disease, destroying farmland and crippling the transport infrastructure.

For many Nepalese, these aren’t the only problems. The earthquakes and landslips can leave thousands of people with no access to safe water for drinking, for cooking and for washing. That’s where Aquabox comes in.

Aquabox’s work in the country goes back to 2012, when Rotary groups in the UK and Nepal started to organise exchange visits, and since 2013, Aquabox has supplied almost 2,500 of its Gold boxes to Nepal to help families left homeless and destitute. Each Gold box includes a family water filter unit, as well as a selection of basic humanitarian aid items, and we have also supplied more than 50 community filters for schools, hospitals and community centre. Together, these filters have provided destitute Nepalese with millions of litres of safe water.

Nepal’s problems aren’t going to go away and in this endless cycle of natural disasters, Aquabox will continue to do everything it can to alleviate suffering, and to help the people of Nepal rebuild their lives.

But we can’t do it without your help.

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