Aquabox reaches Yemen for the third time in 2 years

13th March 2020

The terrible situation in Yemen is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. People there are trapped in a dreadful cycle of conflict, starvation and sickness. Access to safe drinking water is extremely limited or non-existent.

Aquabox in YemenIt is estimated that 17 million people are currently at risk (including 11 million children). There have been over 85,000 child deaths since the conflict began. Water supplies and sanitation systems have been decimated – in some cases deliberately targeted. Cholera is at epidemic levels as a result.

We have acted to support and empower the people in this dreadful environment. Aquabox together with a partner charity, JOY (Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire), have delivered and successfully distributed three humanitarian aid packages to the country over the past two years. This has been accomplished despite the intrinsic danger to those acting on our behalf.

The joint consignments contain Aquabox’s family water filters and other items of humanitarian aid, together with much needed dried food and medical supplies and equipment from JOY. Over 5000 people have been supported by our aid, many in small family groups, but much more is needed.

Aquabox in Yemen 2The latest shipment has now been distributed to local groups and we were so pleased to receive pictures of our aid reaching families.

Please help support us in this and other work we do to supply safe drinking water and aid to those in need in disaster areas across the world.