Aquabox sends aid to help flood victims in Bangladesh

13th October 2017

Bangladesh ShipmentA consignment of 10 Aqua12s and 15 Aquafilter Community units left the Aquabox depot in Cromford on Friday 13th October bound for Dhaka in Bangladesh to help the victims of the recent flooding there. The aid will be distributed by Rotary Clubs in Bangladesh to the affected areas.

Across Bangladesh, India and Nepal more than 41 million people have been affected by the monsoon rains and flooding which have devastated the region since August. Over 1,200 lives have been lost and nearly a million houses damaged or destroyed after being submerged in the floods.

The IFRC has described the flooding in Bangladesh as the most serious in 40 years. The organisation estimates that 700,000 homes have been partially or totally destroyed and up to a third of its terrain, much of it farmland, left submerged, raising fears of a coming food shortage, as the country grapples to deal with a shortfall in staple produce.

Providing clean water and sanitation are major priorities, as the floodwaters can become a breeding ground for deadly diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid. Our innovative AquaFilter technology produces safe and clean drinking water instantly and reliably without the need for chemicals.

Each Aqua12 box contains 12 AquaFilter Family units. Designed for use by individuals or a family, an AquaFilter Family unit can deliver 1 litre per minute and up to half a million litres of clean drinking water over its working life. An AquaFilter Community unit, which is intended for use in schools, medical clinics and other community centres, can deliver 6 litres per minute and over 1 million litres of clean drinking water over its working life.