Aquabox shipment arrives in Turkey

The last four weeks have been very challenging. Since the earthquake in Turkey / Syria we have been exploring a number of options which would provide a secure supply route and distribution network into the area for our water filters. The first of our shipments has just arrived in Hatay.

Shipment arrives in Turkey 1 16 March 2023

We have established a new partnership with Project Orphan. They have been working in Hatay province with lone children and families who have been displaced/lost their homes following the earthquake. Project Orphan have been working through the Turkish Ministry for Families and Social Services (MfFaSS).

The MfFaSS facilitated the customs clearances for humanitarian aid that Project Orphan have already shipped into Turkey and assisted the charity to release essential aid from the government run AFAD storage depots. MfFaSS also supported the charity to work with children and families in displaced persons camps to provide the support and aid required to provide them with more security.

Based on the success Project Orphan have already had in getting aid into Turkey and working with MfFaSS to distribute the aid into South East Turkey, we asked them to include a trial consignment of 2 Aqua12’s with their next aid shipment. IT WORKED! 

We will therefore be looking at using this partnership for future shipments of our water filters. 

Shipment arrives in Turkey 2 16 March 2023

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