Aquabox supports Ukraine

11th April 2022

Working with our delivery partners, Aquabox has been able to support Ukraine on a number of fronts. The feedback we have been receiving from our partners indicates that there is a need for medical aid and rescue equipment to the areas impacted by the events in Ukraine. This has informed our decision making in determining what aid to send and where.

An initial consignment of Aqua12s has been sent through the Billericay Mayflower Rotary Club in Essex, as part of a broader emergency supplies consignment. Each Aqua12 box contains 12 Family filters.

We have also been working with the Ukraine Society. They dispatched a large consignment of medical equipment including hospital beds, wheelchairs, surgical supports and dressings to Lviv. Aquabox was able to donate 4 Community filters. These are ideal for field hospitals and community centres etc, and each unit will provide safe drinking water for 500 people. These will be used both in established and field hospitals.

This week Aquabox teamed up with the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline (Lifeline), a charity which has supported families in Ukraine since 1991.

Lifeline has a shipment of medical and rescue equipment, including generators, cutting equipment, as well as medical supplies leaving the UK in mid April. Aquabox has agreed to supply a stock of family filters. This aid is destined for northern Ukraine (north of Kyiv), where towns have been badly damaged with buildings and infrastructure destroyed during the conflict. In many cases the water supply systems have been disrupted and many families do not have access to safe drinking water and the water filters will make a real difference in these communities.

Looking forward, we are in close contact with a number of our partners including FireAid, to identify where the provision of the Aquafilters can make a difference by providing safe water and preventing the spread of diseases.