Aquabox water filters ready to go to Turkey/Syria

Aquabox have been amazed at the support they have received and wish to thank all their supporters.

Turkey Syria Earthquake damage 17 Feb 23

We now have the initial shipment of filters prepared and ready to go once we can establish a secure supply and distribution route into the disaster zone. Our initial consignment comprises 24 Aqua 12’s (288 Family filters) and 20 Communities. Enough to provide clean water to over 10,000 people.

Our priority is to establish a secure supply route into the disaster zone and work with local partners to set up a reliable distribution network into the communities impacted by the earthquakes. We continue to have discussions with our key contacts in Turkey and Northern Syria to agree a secure supply and distribution route .

The situation is still very confused on the ground with roads and railways destroyed and our local partners are in contact with government officials in the worst  affected regions to agree on an effective and secure distribution strategy.

We are also looking at the option of using airlines for flying this initial consignment into Adana Airport, which is still operational and is also close to the disaster zone.

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