Aquabox Walks For Water

4th April 2022

Aquabox will be celebrating its 30th birthday in June this year and we are encouraging groups across the whole of Britain to mark the anniversary year by organising a fund-raising Walk for Water in 2022.

Aquabox Walks for WaterThe first of the Walks for Water have already been announced: the Rotary Club of Ayr in Scotland is running a walk along the Ayr promenade on Sunday 8th May, and the Rotary Club of Ripon in Yorkshire is following it with another walk on 23rd July along the Ripon canal.

Anyone can organise a walk: a club, a school, a company, even an individual; and the walk can be as long or as short as you like, as long as it raises funds for the charity.

We are suggesting that a river or canal walk is particularly appropriate, but not essential, and the Canal and River Trust publishes a selection of illustrated leaflets showing a selection of possible routes on their website:

The charity’s formal 30th birthday is on 18th June, but anytime over the Summer would be ideal.

Run and staffed almost entirely by unpaid volunteers, Aquabox assembles robust hand-pumped water filters and sends them to disaster zones, conflict areas and refugee camps around the world, so that people living in extreme deprivation can at least have access to clean, safe water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Over 30 years the charity has sent out tens of thousands of filters, helping to save hundreds of thousands of lives, by providing millions of litres of clean water to communities suffering from natural and man-made disasters, in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

If you’re interested in organising a Walk for Water to support our life-saving work, please contact Kevin Barclay at Aquabox: We have sponsorship forms which we can provide which would enable us to claim back Gift Aid where applicable.

We have also set up a JustGiving campaign page here, which you can link to your event.