Aquabox water filters distributed in Lebanon

8th January 2021

Aquabox is delighted to have been able to supply much-needed water filters to communities in Lebanon to help provide clean drinking water.

Aquabox aid in LebanonThe distribution of the filters has been headed up by the Rotary Club of Beirut Cedars and co-ordinated through Past President Rima Khalef. The local knowledge has been invaluable in allocating filters to those most in need.

Our aid has been distributed to various parts of Lebanon, including Ras el Nabeh, an area badly impacted by the massive dock explosion last year in Beirut, the city of Saida in South Lebanon, and a community filter has been passed to a school in Sir el Dinniyeh. The Rotary Club of Tripoli has also distributed family filters to areas of great poverty in that region of the country.

So far 28 Rotary Clubs in Lebanon have been contacted to determine future need for our aid.