Aquabox’s family water filter features in a Special Exhibition

Discover how (nearly) everything connects to Wirksworth…

Wirksworth Heritage Centre welcomes you to a new exhibition celebrating the story of Wirksworth’s scientific and engineering achievements. Wirksworth Centre of the Universe showcases how one small town has contributed to world-changing developments in science and engineering.

“Aquabox was formed in 1991 by Wirksworth Rotary club and our family filter is still made here with over 70 local volunteers contributing to the global success of this simple life saving device.” said Roger Cassidy, chair of Trustees.  “Being part of this exhibition, celebrating Wirksworth’s great achievements, is very exciting.”

Amongst the most important discoveries to occur in Wirksworth were those of Abraham Bennet in the late 1700s. A pioneer in the early study of electricity his experiments and ideas developed in Wirksworth would influence scientist whose discoveries subsequent discoveries still shape the way we understand electric today.

This spirit of discovery and advancement still continues in Wirksworth. Companies such as TDP have developed new ways of using recycled plastic to create sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture. This theme continues with Full Grown and their creation of living chairs grown from willow here in Wirksworth.

Come and discover these stories and more at Wirksworth Heritage Centre which is situated on St John’s street, the main road through Wirksworth.