Ayr Walks for Water

Ayr Walks for Water is a fun charity walking event along the beautiful flat promenade of Ayr. Everyone is invited to take part to enjoy the beautiful Clyde Coast scenery, the wonderful historic Auld Toun of Ayr, and later watch the best sunsets in the West of Scotland – all the while helping others in distress in the process.

It is said that the average distance that women and children walk for water in Africa and Asia is 6 Kilometres (3.7 miles). – and that is almost exactly the distance you will be covering! You will make your way along the beautiful Ayr Promenade and come all the way back carrying water, echoing the awful reality of water poverty for far too many people.

Men, women and even children are known to carry heavy loads of water (about 20 litres) on their heads, causing severe damage to the neck and spine over time. You on the other hand will only be asked to carry a nominal amount of precious water but you are asked to get personal sponsorship.

The money raised through personal sponsorship will help many others.

Only £30 provides an Aquabox pump, designed for use by individuals or a family.

The AquaFilter Family unit can deliver 1 litre per minute and half a million litres of clean drinking water over its working life. The AquaFilter Family unit is fastened to a container of water, such as the Aquabox or a bucket, and using a simple hand pump safe drinking water is dispensed to a cup. £250 buys a unit that serves a whole community. The community unit can deliver 6 litres per minute and over 1 million litres of clean drinking water over its working life.

Individuals, schools, organisations and family groups are very welcome to engage with the walk. Sports and other clubs are invited to get creative and take part in fun fundraising events in the afternoon of the event.

Resources for teachers and others are available to download from the “Teacher Resources” page on this web site here.

The Ayr Walks For Water event is organised by the Rotary Club of Ayr in association with the Inner Wheel club of Ayr, with the support of South Ayrshire Council, Scottish Water and other local partners.

For more information, including details of how to register to take part in the event, please visit the Ayr Walks for Water website here:


We hope that as many people as possible can take part and raise money to help those in need of clean water around the world.

Our sincere thanks go to the Rotary Club of Ayr and everyone involved in organising this event.