Clean Water for Christmas 2021

2nd December 2021

We have just launched this year’s Clean Water for Christmas campaign and it would be wonderful if you could help us to provide clean drinking water to families in need around the world.

As you can imagine, it has been a very challenging year with the impact of Covid restrictions and lockdowns. Unfortunately, disasters have continued unabated. Despite this, we have still managed to provide the following support in 2021:

* Belize: 12 Aqua 12s (144 water filters)
* Lebanon: 12 Aqua 12s (144 water filters) and 8 Community filters
* Yemen: 450 Gold boxes (water filters & humanitarian aid)
* Senegal: 3 Aqua 12s (36 water filters) and 5 Community filters
* Nepal: 196 Gold boxes (water filters & humanitarian aid) and 8 Community filters
* Gaza: 200 Gold boxes (water filters & humanitarian aid)
* Haiti: 25 Aqua 12s (300 water filters) and 22 Community filters

Overall, we have sent out nearly 1,500 Family water filters and 43 Community filters in 2021. So Aquabox has provided the means for more than 300,000 people to access safe drinking water in 2021. That’s not bad, is it?

Unfortunately, that has cost us over £160,000, which is why we need your support again.

I hope you can take part by sponsoring a filter, perhaps by sending it as a gift at Christmas. Each Family water filter costs around £25, but any amount you are able to give will be very gratefully received.

You can read more about our campaign and make a donation at the link below: 

Thank you on behalf of all those desperate families who are currently having to drink and wash in contaminated water.