Eyemouth High School Technology Challenge

16th May 2018

Children from Eyemouth High School have taken part in a technology challenge organised by the Rotary Club of Eyemouth to design and build a vessel capable of carrying a fully-loaded Aquabox to a village struck by a natural disaster!

Eyemouth Technology Challenge1The Rotary Club of Eyemouth works very closely with Eyemouth High School in a number of areas, including the annual Rotary District 1020 Technology Tournament. A direct spin off from that competition is a technology challenge which is held as part of the transition from primary school to high school. This year it is spread over two mornings and will involve around 18 teams.

The challenge this year was to design, build and test a self-driven vessel capable of carrying a weight along a river, represented by a piece of drainage pipe. All of the teams had exactly the same set of materials and tools to work with.

In order to make the challenge more interesting and relevant to the world we live in, the weight was to be an Aquabox, which had to be transported from the airfield (shown on the right of the above photo) to the village (on the left) which had suffered a natural disaster.

A number of judges and mentors were on hand to assist the children, ranging from retired nuclear engineers, to working engineers from Ahlstrom-Munksjö, an international producer of fibre-based materials, and Tarmac Cement, as well as two senior NCOs from HMS Prince of Wales, the second aircraft carrier being constructed at Rosyth.

Eyemouth Technology Challenge2Our thanks go to the Rotary Club of Eyemouth for organising such an ingenious challenge and helping to spread the word about Aquabox within their community and of course we hope that all the children taking part enjoyed the experience.