Filter Distribution in Malawi

We have just received feedback on the distribution of our Family and Community filters in Malawi. A symbolic presentation of the filters took place in the Fikani village in the Mulanje district.

Malawi Filter Distribution1

The distribution of the filters began with the demonstration and handover of 23 Family and 1 Community units to representatives of community health awareness volunteers in Fikani.

The area has had reports of regular waterborne diseases, hence it was selected for this exercise.

This is the first phase in this community and has been set up in a way that volunteers led by the Health Surveillance Assistants will demonstrate the usage of the filters to the rest of the village.

A follow up on the experience of using the filters will be conducted, but it is expected that this initiative will be of great impact to these communities. The Community filter looks like it might be more ideal for a family in these clean water scarce areas, as the filter usage would be more regular.

Malawi Filter Distribution3