Help support our efforts in Haiti

30th August 2021

Aquabox is working to get urgent aid to Haiti, following the devastating earthquake which hit the country recently. The 7.2 magnitude quake is known to have killed over 2,000 people and left 600,000 in need of emergency assistance. According to UNICEF, an estimated 500,000 children have little or no access to shelter, safe water and food.

Aquabox is currently working with its partners in the Caribbean to establish which of them are best placed to provide safe and urgent distribution of aid. We are planning to ship a combination of Family Filters and Community Filters. Our stock is ready for despatch once we are confident that proper and secure distribution routes are in place.

This shipment will provide clean water to over 6,000 people.

But we can’t do it without your help. It’s not just the cost of the water filters, the price of airfreighting at the moment has increased considerably. It will cost over £2,000 to send this shipment by airfreight, but it’s urgent, so we have to do it.

To support our efforts we have launched a JustGiving campaign to help us raise the funds to cover the cost. You can find out more and support our campaign here: 

We rely entirely on donations and the fundraising activities of our supporters to fund our work. Run by volunteers (apart from one part-time administrator), we have one of the lowest overhead costs in the sector, so you can rest assured that most of your donation will go towards providing clean water to those most in need.

Please help us.

Latest update on our planned Haiti shipment, as of 8th September:

All documents have been made available with effect from yesterday to the President of RC Champs de Mars and an application is being made to the Customs authority for a “waiver” of duty. Air space has been booked and will be confirmed once we know that “Duty Waiver” has been has been granted.

Hopefully the consignment will be on its way in about ten days time. Fingers crossed…