Helping the flood victims in Peru

25th July 2017

Peru faces one of its worst emergencies in recent years, with over 1 million people affected by the torrential rains, flooding and landslides which have hit the country since January. Many of the families evacuated by the Peruvian army and the municipal government saw all their belongings and homes destroyed by the raging flood water.

In the Piura province in the north west of the country, one of the worst affected areas, around 300,000 people have been left homeless or without access to clean water. Plan International, a development and humanitarian organisation with much experience of operating in Peru, is focusing on 4 key areas during the emergency: protection and emotional support, education, water and sanitation, and housing.

peru floodAquabox has responded by sending 240 AquaFilter Family Units, each capable of providing up to half a million litres of safe drinking water, to Peru for distribution by Plan International. The consignment of filters, packed in Aqua12 boxes, left the Aquabox depot on Tuesday 25th July.