If you can sew we need your help, come to our pilot project on February 24th.

In many countries across the world there is little or no access to sanitary protection for girls and women. This situation worsens significantly in the aftermath of disasters. In some cases girls will not attend school or be seen in public for fear of the shame they could experience. They resort to very basic protection, if any is available at all.

An inspirational lady, Marion Tasker, a member of The Inner Wheel Club of Retford, has over many years been encouraging teams of people to produce reusable sanitary pads from simple but very effective designs.

I am hoping to be able to develop such a team at Aquabox so we may include the pads in our gold boxes. Some years ago, Gold boxes did include packs of single use pads, but this seems a much more environmentally friendly solution.

Making the pads and accompanying bags involves cutting out materials from simple templates, basic machine sewing and packing up the finished products. You do not need to be able to do all these tasks!

As a starting point, I would like to invite anyone interested in helping to pilot this work to a meeting at the Aquabox depot on Saturday 24th February at 11.00 a.m, when Marion will come along to outline the work more clearly.

I do hope you are interested in this important project. It would be helpful if you could let Roz Adamson know by Monday 19th February if you can be there.

You can email roz.adamson@aquabox.org or call the office on 01629 733626 between 9am and 12noon weekdays.

Cheryle Berry, Aquabox Trustee