Latest Shipment News

5th December 2019

Another consignment of aid is due to leave the Aquabox depot next week bound for Yemen, plus news of our latest shipment to Nepal and the possibility of supporting one of the refugee camps in Beirut.

1. Our third shipment to Yemen is scheduled to leave the depot in the week  beginning 8th December. This is a joint consignment with our partner charity Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY) and our aid will include 250 Gold Boxes and 10 Aqua12s, together capable of providing safe drinking water to over 2000 people. We are very pleased that our 2 previous shipments to Yemen have been successful. This is a very difficult situation to support and our thanks go to the brave distribution agencies in this troubled part of the world.

2. Our despatch to Nepal of 200 Gold Boxes in September was delayed due to customs issues, however we understand that this is now resolved and 170 of the boxes have already been allocated.

3. Through our ambassador Gordon McGlone, we may have the possibility of working in one of the large refugee camps in Beirut. We await news to check on feasibility of our water filters being of use.