A Very Busy Time At The Depot!

10th September 2018

Thanks to the efforts of Aquabox volunteers, in the past two months alone we have sent over £90,000 worth of water purification filters and other humanitarian aid items to help people cope with the floods in Kerala in southern India and to support the thousands of displaced people in Cameroon.

Kerala ShipmentIt certainly has been a VERY busy time at the depot. Here are the headlines…

1. First air freight to Kerala of 240 Family Filters and 10 Community Filters left the depot on 23rd August.

2. Sea freight to Duala (Cameroon) of 250 Aquaboxes in partnership with CART (Christian African Relief Trust).

3. Sea freight to Cochin (Kerala) of 250 Aquaboxes left the depot on 3rd September.

4. Second air freight to Trivandrum (Kerala) of 480 Family Filters and 10 Community Filters booked for collection on 17th September.

In addition we are responding to a request for help in the Philippines. We are currently examining possible routing options, working alongside one of our partners Humanity First.

CART have also asked us about offering aid to Eritrea where continued unrest and violence has resulted in significant displacement of the population.

Finally, Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY) have asked us to consider a further potential offer of aid. We have already provided JOY with Aquaboxes for Yemen and are awaiting a progress report.

Our work in providing this emergency aid places enormous demand on our funds. We rely totally on donations to allow our work to continue. Please help us to help those in need.