Latest shipment of water filters leaves for Malawi

Cyclone Freddie recently caused devastation in Malawi, disrupting the water supply and resulting in an extensive outbreak of water borne diseases.

Malawi was already suffering its worst outbreak of cholera on record when the cyclone hit, so when Aquabox received a call for help from one of our partners on the ground, we were only too willing to help.

This week, a shipment of 168 water filters has left our Aquabox depot in Wirksworth, destined for Malawi, where distribution will be facilitated by Seed Sowers Trust, who are our trusted partner in Malawi, with whom we have worked successfully in the past. If you would like to support our effort for this, or other similar disasters, you can set up your own fundraising campaign or donate on our JustGiving page: If you prefer you can donate directly via our website: