Latest Shipment to Yemen

20th August 2020

Aquabox is proud to have despatched our fourth aid shipment in two years to war torn Yemen. This crisis continues to be a blight on the face of the earth with water-borne disease rife in the encampments. Aquabox will continue to offer help wherever we can with a fifth shipment now being considered.

Aquabox 4th Shipment to YemenThe 250 Gold Aquaboxes will provide the means to access safe drinking water for more than 1500 people, together with essential aid items for shelter building, cooking and eating, hygiene and education.

Our shipment comprises half a container, with the other half being filled with medical supplies (including wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, crutches and medicines) by our partner charity Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire.

The shipment will be sea-freighted and is expected to arrive in the port of Aden in the last week of October.