Matlock Bath primary school visits Aquabox

14th July 2017

It was a pleasure to welcome the year 6 group from Matlock Bath Holy Trinity primary school to the Aquabox depot on Friday 14th July. During their visit the children were shown a short introductory film of what Aquabox is all about, given a tour of the depot and saw how our water filters turn dirty, potentially contaminated, water into clean drinking water.

They also packed 4 Aquaboxes, each containing over 70 humanitarian aid items and a water filter ready to be shipped out, and put in the boxes some of the soft toys which they had very kindly brought in with them. Each box has a unique number, so we can track where they are sent to and let the school know.

matlock bath aquaboxIf your school or youth organisation would like to visit the depot, please contact us. You can book a visit here.