More aid leaves the Aquabox depot

2nd August 2019

Friday 2nd August was another big day for sending out Aquabox aid consignments from our depot, with Family Filters leaving for the Assam Province in India and Gold Boxes destined for Malawi.

Assam Shipment with WSBAt lunchtime 180 Family Filters were picked up and transported down to Somerset to form part of a combined shipment (pictured left) with our partner Rotary charity, Water Survival Box (WSB), bound for Assam Province in North East India. This aid consignment will provide relief to communities and families caught up in the devastating monsoon rains which have hit the region in the past few weeks.

Once the shipping and customs formalities have been completed the combined consignment will be distributed by the WSB partner Khalsa Aid, who have a strong presence in India.

We are delighted that two great water-focused Rotary charities are working together to provide relief and prevent the spread of water-borne diseases in the aftermath of these terrible floods.

Later on Friday, the Aquabox team loaded 150 Gold Boxes onto a lorry bound for Malawi. This consignment forms part of a follow-up response to the communities who are still suffering in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai which hit East Africa earlier this year. 

In the immediate aftermath of the cyclone, Aquabox sent 3 consignments of Family Filters, Community Filters and Gold Boxes to the areas most badlly hit to provide immediate access to safe drinking water. Sadly many of these families are still suffering, trying to rebuild their homes and lives. Working with our partner Christian African Relief Trust (CART), we hope that the vital items of aid contained in the Gold Boxes will enable them to begin to rebuild their communities.

It is thanks to the wonderful support from our followers and supporters that we have been able to send these shipments.