8th November 2020

Looking for something different to buy as a present this Christmas? You can help Aquabox to save lives by sponsoring just one family filter. 

cleanwaterforchristmasOne Aquabox family filter costs just £25 to manufacture, yet it can produce up to half a million litres of clean, safe water.

Try to visualise that much water. Imagine half a million litre bottles. It's hard to think of a better use of £25, isn't it?

If you donate £25 and provide your email address when you make your donation, we will send you a certificate which you can print out and give to your friends and/or relatives. (NB: please opt in for emails, otherwise we will not receive your email address to be able to send you your certificate).

Visit our JustGiving page to sponsor a filter:


Thank you on behalf of all those desperate families who are currently having to drink and wash in contaminated water.


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