Ongoing support for those in need in Turkey and Syria

When disaster strikes, the most urgent requirement is for safe drinking water. At Aquabox we respond by sending water filters as soon as we can. Then working closely with selected aid agencies and distribution partners, we are asked for more ongoing support, this usually means sending out our humanitarian aid Gold Boxes.

Syria and Turkey were badly affected by earthquakes in 2023 and Syria has ongoing conflicts dramatically affecting the population.  

Since sending out our first batch of aid in March 2023 to Turkey and Syria we have sent three consignments of aid, with the latest shipment of 250 Gold Boxes arriving in November.

Each Gold Box contains a family water filter and vital equipment ranging from nails, hammers, blankets and towels, to cooking utensils and tarpaulins plus many more items. This aid helps families in refugee and temporary shelter camps.

The pictures show the latest shipment being distributed by our partners, Hand in Hand for Aid and Development, to displaced families in Northern Syria where you can see the aid being put to good use.