Partner spotlight – Operation Orphan

Working with our delivery partners is extremely inspirational as they are often at the sharp end when disasters strike. Brad Moore, Managing Director at Operation Orphan is one such partner.

Operation Orphan continues to support the 100 children identified by their Crisis Response Team as having being orphaned during the 7.8 Earthquake in in the Hatay province of Turkiye. The primary purpose of this recent follow-up trip, earlier this year, was to distribute 34 laptops to the teenagers as part of their integration back into education, and there was an opportunity to take more aid with the team. Aquabox stepped up to the request and donated 150 family water filters. During the distribution the team were able to ensure access to clean water was given to many families around the homes where the orphans lived, and also to families still living in tents and containers. Every filter was gratefully received and they all took the training very seriously. Feedback from some of the families that received filters during the first disaster deployment were incredibly positive and they were so grateful for the free clean water that not only kept them healthy, but saved them money in not having to buy bottled water. The filters reached people in Antakya, Arsuz, Samandag and many villages in between, right down to Yayaldag on the Syrian border.

 Brad said,Aquabox produce a truly life saving product that is so simple to operate in the most harsh environments. The UK Aquabox team are so easy to work with and this partnership empowers our Crisis Response Team to provide clean water to families immediately after their lives have been devasted by natural disasters or war. I cannot thank Aquabox enough for agreeing to support Operation Orphans goal to Identify, Make Safe and Keep Safe children orphaned in disaster”.

The team found that in Antakya buildings are still being demolished a year on and rebuilding is slowly appearing across the region. 300 000 buildings were destroyed in Hatay alone (750 000 buildings across the whole earthquake zone). Metal frames are being used as the primary construction method. There are over 2000 children believed to have been orphaned in Hatay alone, and still this number increases, as the newly formed orphan unit visit communities across the province. Operation Orphan is committed to supporting the carers of these children and are honoured to have permission from the Governor and Ministry of Family and Social Services to continue to help strengthen the children’s care structure long term.