Peak Translations Partners with Aquabox as Chosen Charity of the Year

Peak Translations, a leading language service provider specialising in language and translation services, is proud to announce its partnership with Aquabox, a humanitarian aid charity dedicated to providing clean water and humanitarian aid to communities in crisis worldwide.

Recognising the vital importance of Aquabox’s mission, Peak Translations is honoured to support the charity as its chosen Charity of the Year. By partnering with Aquabox, Peak Translations aims to contribute to the organisation’s efforts in providing lifesaving aid to communities facing adversity around the globe.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Aquabox as our chosen Charity of the Year,” said Helen Provart, MD at Peak Translations. “At Peak Translations, we are committed to making a positive impact not only in the language industry but also in the global community. We admire Aquabox’s dedication to humanitarian aid and are proud to support their crucial work.”

As part of the partnership, Peak Translations will engage in various fundraising initiatives to support Aquabox’s projects and raise funds for the charity’s ongoing efforts. Tracking their efforts with a ‘justgiving’ page. Additionally, Peak Translations employees will have the opportunity to get involved alongside Aquabox’s team of volunteers, further strengthening the partnership between the two organizations.

“Aquabox provides aid across the world and welcoming Peak Translations as our latest sponsor echoes the synergy between us,” said Roger Cassidy, Chair of Trustees at Aquabox. “Peak Translations also have connections across the world and share our mission of helping each other no matter how far away they are. We are looking forward to working with Peak Translations and their staff this year.”

Paul Gamble, an Aquabox corporate ambassador, said “It’s a great pleasure to have Helen and all the team from Peak Translations on board in support of expanding the supply of clean drinking water and humanitarian aid around the world in times of conflict and natural disasters. We very much look forward to working together on this”