The High Sheriff of Derbyshire visits Aquabox

Roger Cassidy, Aquabox Chairman, was delighted to introduce Theresa Peltier, the High Sheriff of Derbyshire, to our Wednesday filter making team during a visit on October 25th.

Theresa, who lives in Wirksworth, where we are also based, expressed her admiration for the dedication of the team and indeed all the volunteers who give their time to make these life changing filters. Theresa said, “in these turbulent times with manmade and natural disasters, it is amazing to see these water filters being made and to hear that they are sent all over the world from Wirksworth.”

Theresa presented Roger with a certificate in recognition of the valuable service to the community Aquabox makes. Theresa added “not only is this aid so valuable to those without clean drinking water across the world, it is also great to see that over 70 local volunteers get to meet up each week and the benefit they get from being able to talk to friends, help each other and keep active.”

Sean Barker, the current Mayor of Wirksworth, and Phil Richards also attended the depot visit and joined Theresa in thanking Aquabox, the volunteers and all those that donate to help us keep sending out aid to keep clean drinking water flowing.