Two more Aquabox deliveries reach their destinations

21st April 2021

We are delighted to report that shipments to Belize and Beirut have reached their distribution points earlier this week, as Aquabox starts to open up operations again.

Aquabox Shipment in Belize 2021The shipment to Belize is the first for our charity and achieved through a partnership between ourselves and the Rotary Clubs of Belize City and Liberty, New York. This is a great example of how working together can have such a positive outcome. The shipment comprises 144 family filters with the capacity to providing safe water for a minimum of 800 people.

During the frequent hurricane activity, Belize suffers from severe flooding run-off from neighbouring Guatamala. We hope our filters will provide a contingency supply of aid in the event of any future natural disaster. If this model works, we hope to increase our level of support in the future.



Aquabox Shipment in Beirut 2021It is too easy to forget the Beirut dock explosion which happened in August 2020, killing at least 200 people and injuring another 7,500. This recent shipment is our second and will be managed through the local Lebanese Association of Rotary Clubs.

The aid package contains 12 community filters (with the combined capacity to provide safe water for around 6,000 people). These will be distributed to communities both within and beyond Beirut.