Update on recent shipments

14th June 2019

Further to our recent shipments to East Africa after the devastation caused by Cylcone Idai and to Yemen, we have a brief update on their progress.

Zimbabwe receipt of filtersFilters into Zimbabwe and Malawi

In partnership with the Rotary e-club London Centenary in Zimbabwe, 60 Family Filters have been distributed to families in Zimbabwe’s Highland area. The picture shows the handover of the filters to local aid workers. Some have also been shipped into neighbouring Malawi through the same connection.

Shipment to Mozambique

Following the assurance of a duty waiver, we shipped 20 Aqua12s (240 Family Filters) and 5 Community Filters for distribution in Mozambique. The filters left our depot on 31st May and will be distributed through the good offices of the Rotary Club of Maputo.

Container of aid on its way to Yemen

In partnership with Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY), our shared container shipment which includes 270 Aquabox Gold boxes and 48 Family Filters is in transit to Yemen.