Update on sending aid to Indonesia

8th October 2018

Since the Indonesian tsunami hit the headlines we have been working closely with other agencies (including Humanity First – part of the UN cluster of NGOs) to identify safe distribution routes for our aid. Here at Aquabox we take due diligence very seriously as an obligation to our generous donors and will never send aid unless we are certain of its destination.

Indonesia Tsunami 2018From day 3 following the disaster our partners from Humanity First (HF) have been on the ground in Sulawesi and the city of Palu area to establish where the greatest need lies.

Further work has been carried out to establish dialogue with the Indonesian Government who are coordinating the aid received. Feedback we have received strongly indicates the top priority is the provision of safe drinking water.

At the Aquabox depot, in response to this very real need, we have diverted our volunteer workforce to the production of our water purification filters. By the end of this week we hope to have 180 Family Filters (each serving a family of 5 people) and 19 Community Filters (each serving community amenities such as medical centres, schools and village centres).

Together these filters can provide safe drinking water to around 7000 citizens.

Further news on the route our aid will take will follow when this becomes available.